Member Services

New User Account Instructions


To obtain a user account to the NCRB-NCRF-NCIGA Member Services site, each company is required to establish a Web Administrator. This self-service account management policy allows members to grant and control users’ access to information sensitive to their organization. Due to privacy of the information contained in the member services site, the web administrator account must be authorized by the owner, principal or official officer of the organization.


Web Administrators can be setup for Member Companies, Agents and/or Agencies. (Premium Finance Companies may complete the Agent application but will be setup as users only and will not be granted Web Admin privileges).  In all cases, the Web Administrator will be the primary contact for web administration but will have the option of creating additional users with administrative rights (Web Administrators) to delegate account management duties to others as needed.


In the case of Member Companies, the Web Administrator will be responsible for managing user accounts for their company or group of companies (if requested). In the case of Agents and Agencies, the Web Administrator can be setup to manage users for a single office location or a group of offices if the company has multiple locations and prefers to have a single administrator.


Please note that the Member Services secure site requires each user to have an individual User Name and Password. The Web Administrator is responsible for ensuring each individual user has a unique User Name and Password to access the site.


Please refer to the website Terms of Use for additional guidelines regarding user accounts and use of the site.


Click here to open the
Web Admin Application for

Insurance Agents, Agencies and Premium Finance Companies.

Click here to open the
Web Admin Application for

Member Insurance Companies.


Instructions for completing the Web Administrator Application:

The web administrator account application must be completed in its entirety in order to complete the registration process.

Upon receipt of the properly completed Web Administrator Account application, your registration will be processed and confirmation provided via e-mail. Upon receipt of the confirmation you will have immediate access to the website.